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3 – 3 ½ years – until School age

ParrotsOur Parrots classroom holds our oldest children. Children enter this room around 3-3 ½ years and stay until they leave for school. This pre-school room is geared up to prepare the children for the everyday rigors of school life. We encourage children to gain their own little personalities, to stand out from the crowd and hopefully give them the stable platform to keep learning going into reception year.

Parrots classroom can operate with up to 24 children.  The ratio within this classroom is 1 member of staff for every 8 children. We use the key worker system in this room, as in other rooms, to ensure children are well settled and comfortable and this helps encourage learning to happen at regular intervals.

We develop social play within this room to encourage learning from peers and creating friendships. We hold PE lessons to encourage children to get changed and also to experience different physical activities.

Within Parrots we also encourage full toilet training which helps the children learn independence. Children within Parrots are generally on the nursery routine which follows a school routine closely.

In summary within Parrots we learn through play by allowing the children to self select materials whilst supporting them fully through any issues that may arise. We use open ended resources to allow for exploration and also encourage risky play where the children can risk asses themselves.  All this is done whilst ensuring the children are safe and happy at nursery gearing up for the major transition to school.

Starting Nursery and Transition

Kirsty’s Little Treasures have information and processes in place to help the children with starting Nursery, transitioning through the rooms and finally leaving Nursery to start Reception Class at School.

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