We can supply all meals for your child whilst at Nursery at a cost of £4 per child per day.  This includes breakfast, snack, a hot lunch including dessert and tea.

Our menu is updated quarterly.

Our hot lunch is provided by outside caters If your child does not ordinarily have Nursery catering but you would like them to have a hot meal on a particular day this can be arranged as an extra with prior notice.

Packed Lunches

If you prefer you can send food for your child and we will prepare this for them and serve it along with the other children’s meals. Some children have a mixture of Nursery food and their own – we’re very adaptable – please ask us for details.

KLT Kitchen

We have a full time Kitchen Assistant who is qualified at Food Hygiene Level 2 who prepares breakfast, snack and tea. Charon takes control of the kitchen, keeping it clean and hygienic meaning the staff do not have to. She also loves to cook, bake and make with the children and they love helping her in the kitchen.

Inclusive Drinks and Snacks

Drinks such as water, no added sugar squash (with permission) and milk are inclusive regardless of whether you opt for meals at Nursery.  This also applies to snack which is usually fruit, breadsticks and raisins or salad sticks.

Allergies / Dietry Requirements

If your child has any special dietry requirements or allergies please make us aware of this when you first register with us. Meals can be adapted to meet the child’s needs.

Meal Times

Breakfast is served up until 9am, snack is at around 10.15am, lunch at midday, tea is 3.15pm


When you collect your child you will be provided with feedback on what they have had to eat and drink at Nursery that day.