At Kirsty’s Little Treasures the children enjoy a range of age appropriate, fun and stimulating activities.


Rugbytots is a physical skills class that uses the skills found in Rugby to teach the children about their bodies and Physical development they use qualified coaches to entertain the children on Thursday mornings.

Soft Play

Our Softplay facilities provide a safe environment for energetic indoor play and helps children develop new motor skills.  It encourages the children to enjoy physical activity and exercise in a fun way where they can use their imaginations, explore and interact with their friends. Soft play is used by all age groups.

Role Play

The children enjoy pretend play at Nursery and this is something that we encourage. Roleplay allows children to act out and make sense of real-life scenarios, encourages children to express ideas and feelings, social skills, communication and language skills, allows children to use their imaginations, teaches empathy.

Messy Play

Messy play provides a great sensory experience for children and helps them explore and analyse how things smell, feel, taste.  Children use paint, play-doh, natural objects, food items etc to learn about movement, textures, temperatures etc.  Children can experiment and practice good concentration and messy play often helps children with mark making, an early form of writing.

Themed Activities

Each age group has a monthly theme and many of the activities are based around this theme.  Examples included seasonal topics such as Autumn, Halloween but also things such as ‘People who help us’, ‘Mini Beasts’, ‘Healthy Eating’, ‘Opposites’

Outdoor Fun

We try and get the children outside for some fresh air each day.  The children enjoy exploring our outside play area and resources. Outdoor play provides exercise and active play which is great for muscle development and co-ordination.

Water Play

The Children enjoy supervised water play whilst at Nursery and this is a relaxing and experimental activity which is great for hand eye co-ordination and improving skills such as pouring and the development of hand and arm muscles. Children learn how water behaves when poured, how water feels, how to squirt water, that water leaks if the container has holes, quantities and how water overflows, floating and sinking…

Story Time

Story time is a chance for the children to enjoy books and engage in stories – great for vocabulary and word recgonition as ell as their imaginations.  Children learn about sitting still and being quiet and also about taking turns and listening to a story someone else has chosen which are all important for school readiness.

Circle Time

Children get together each day for circle time to talk and listen and share news, experiences and achievements.  This is excellent for their social and communication skills.  They learn to take turns and listen to each other.  We use Circle time to share Homelinks and Wows!

Football club*

Craig coaches the children in football every Thursday morning. The children learn about different sports and physical exercise with multi sports covering travelling in different ways, throwing, catching etc. Children can practice getting changed into P.E. kit and this is excellent preparation for P.E. at school.

Leesh Fitness*

Leesh comes out every Tuesday morning to lead the parrots and pre school children in a dance and fitness session. Leesh explores music from around the world as well as all different genres. The children love dancing to jazz or exploring the flamenco dancing of spain.

*These activities are funded by Kirsty’s Little Treasures