Starting Nursery at KLTs and Transition

Most children need time and help to adjust to change and starting nursery and progressing through Nursery is a big journey for them.  Kirsty’s Little Treasures have lots of experience of guiding children through this transition. When planning and implementing a transition we work closely with parents and carers, keeping them up to date with what’s happening and when. We also provide feedback and move at a pace which suits the individual child’s needs.

All children, regardless of which room they are in are allocated a key person, which is a member of staff, generally chosen by the child, with whom they best associate. The key person will be instrumental in the transition process and will work closely with colleagues and parents to introduce the child to the new setting, discussing existing routines with other staff within the room.  Staff in the new room will become familiar with the child’s personality and preferences and their routine.

The transition period generally lasts for a few weeks with staff from the new room spending time with the child in their existing room and the child spending short periods of time in the new room on a frequent basis. Transition is almost always handled in small groups so children are moving along with their friends and peers and this helps them feel more secure.  There are usually lots of signals that tell us when the time is right to permanently move the child to their new environment.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions relating to starting and transitioning through Nursery.  If you have any questions or concerns about transition please speak to a member of staff.