The EYFS is a curriculum set up by the Government that states how we as Early Years Practitioners do things.

The EYFS is split into 7 areas in total.

3 prime areas:

  • Communication
  • Personal social and emotional
  • Physical

And 4 specific areas:

  • Maths
  • Understanding the world
  • Literacy
  • Expressive art and design

Within these areas we must ensure children are making progress in each area.

Learning Journey

In conjunction with the EYFS curriculum the child’s key person completes a Learning Journey which is an online profile showcasing your child’s achievements, next steps and general fun things that they have achieved. The Learning Journey contains photographs, observations, links to our curriculum and goals that we set to work on with the children. Learning Journeys also include home link observations where parents and carers can add observations and pictures from home life which will help us at nursery for individual planning.

Links are made between the contents of the learning journey and the EYFS profile which highlights children’s progression. This will go to school with each child to ensure school knows a brief background of each child to help school continue where we leave off.