July employee of the month

Congratulations to Emily for winning employee of the month for July. she received 6 votes from staff and parents for her dancing skills, her leadership skills within under 2s and generally being an amazing member of our team.

Mettle Monkeys at KLT’s

We have started a weekly mettle monkeys class at nursery on a Friday morning. This is a series of adventure courses that specialise in physical skills such as balance, throwing, jumping, etc. Andy uses themes such as dinosaurs, space, olympics and under the sea to add a new level to the children’s play they get really exited when they are finding the treasure, clumping over the lava pit or throwing the javelin.


Space adventure

Olympic hurdles

Olympic long jump

Dinosaur adventure

May Employee of the month was awarded to Donna and Vicky.

Well done to Vicky and Donna for winning May’s employee of the month. Some lovely comments and votes received for both staff members including:

For being relaxed in Parrots and being a great help, always smiling and being very kind to the children, for always getting stuck in and heling and doing some amazing topic work with the children and for being so much fun with the little treasures!

Both lovely ladies had some yummy chocolates and some flowers. 

employee of the month fo March 19

Congratulations to Nanny Plum for winning March employee of the month. Charon received 4 votes from staff for her organisation skills, being an unsung hero, and generally being an amazing person. Well Done Charon keep up the good work !!!!


Employee of the month for February 2019

Employee of the month for February was awarded to Kealie. Kealie had lots of lovely positive comments from staff, children and parents. Well done Kealie, keep up the good work.

Employee of the month for January

Congratulations to Vicky for winning employee of the month for January 2019 Vicky received 6 votes for fantastic activity ideas, brilliant displays, really good behaviour management techniques and general good relationships with the children. Well done Vicky. 

Our New Defib

We recently had our defib fitted thanks to the fantastic efforts of the charity ”Charlotte and Craig saving Hearts” . this charity have done an amazing job after some personal tragedy. we have lots of information about the charity within the entrance hall.  we hope we will never have to use the Defib but is a relief to know it is so close if we ever do need one. all staff will be receiving training in how to use the defib (it is covered within our paediatric first aid course which all staff hold). all money we have raised so far has been donated to the charity they also accept donations of items for raffles that they hold in order to raise money.

Halloween 2018

We loved celebrating Halloween this year. we had an amazing parent workshop where we invited parents and carers to come in and spend some time taking part in a mixture of activities. some of the activities on offer were apple bobbing, custard play, spiders in the spaghetti, making mummies out of toilet roll, decorating spooky biscuits, Halloween music, party tea. and lots and lots of pumpkins. Thank you to everybody who came, supported and made it such a success.

Employee of the Month for October

Dawn won employee of the month for October, she received six votes for being supportive, good display work and for her general kindness towards the children. Well done Dawn


We are raising money for ‘Inspired through sport’

On October 9th we will have a visit from a GB Athlete, the athlete will lead a short presentation to the children (age dependent). they will then carry out a few 30 minute sporty sessions with all children aged over 18 months. Read more